Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weigh In -- Week 2

Well, this week I had a couple setbacks. I had a small Blizzard and a restaurant salad one day and a piece of candy the next. But, I am still happy to report I had a 1.5 pound loss this week. Yea!

Weight: 180.5
BMI: 36.46

I’m not beating myself up about the Blizzard, etc, but still wish I would have been strong and resisted. Last night I went to Hometown Buffet with my family and did very well. For one thing, I HATE buffets. The idea of other people fondling my food just grosses me out. So normally I avoid them, but this was for my nephew’s birthday, so wasn’t gonna miss it. I looked up their nutritional info online before I went though and was ready with a list of things I could eat (other than salad and fruit). Unfortunately they had none of the real food I could eat! So, I ended up with salad, fruit and soup. But was still able to have apple crisp for dessert. So not complaining at all, good food, good company and tried not to think about everybody touching my food. :o)

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