Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weigh In --- Week 1

Ok, here are my stats for the week...

Age: still 37
Height: still 4'11"
Weight: 182 now (a loss of 3 pounds this week, yea!)
BMI: 36.76

I have been eating well, although probably not enough sometimes. And working out hard. I decided instead of having a schedule (like working out on my days off, or just workdays, or whatever), that I would just workout every day. This seems to be working for me. For one thing, I'm not feeling forced to work out. Other times if I make the schedule to work out on my days off, sometimes I just don't feel like going out, ya know. So then I would feel like I'm forcing myself to go and not as into it. But this way, I have the goal to work out every day and if I don't feel like it one day, I don't feel bad because I have been doing good so many other days. Ok, so tonight I am trying a new recipe that I found. And hopefully it will be as good as it sounds and I will post it along with some other recipes I have tried in the past that I like. TTYL!!


  1. Congrats on your 3 lb weight loss! Keep up the good work.

    I agree, setting a goal to work out every day is best. That way you don't even have to think about it. Once, I worked out 18 days in a row before taking a day off without even realizing it! Now, if I had forced myself to work out 18 days in a row, it probably wouldn't have happened... =)

  2. Thanks!! And yup, that's exactly how I am feeling about it. Now it is just part of my day, I get it done without really even thinking about it. Haven't made it to 18 days yet, but it sure sounds good! :o)