Sunday, August 8, 2010

One of my pitfalls

So, I'm still on track with eating better and exercising, but I almost fell into one of my usual bad habits. I'm sitting here at work, eyes all droopy because I'm so tired (I have to get up at 3:15am to be at work by 6am since my commute is a little over an hour), and I thought "maybe I'll have a snack to keep me awake". This is something I do ALL the time. Luckily this time I took a second to think whether or not I was actually hungry. I ate breakfast before leaving my house and have been drinking water since I got here, so I'm not even close to being hungry. My usual excuse is that a little snack will give me some energy and wake me up a bit. Plus, just the act of eating will keep me busy for a minute or two, so that would work also. But if I'm not hungry and not actually in need of additional energy, then that is all it is, an excuse to eat. One of my plans for this weight loss thing is to really pay attention to WHY I eat the things I do so that I can break those habits and keep the weight off. I know that I drink soda when I am upset about something --- whether that be sad or angry. And I am sure that I have boredom eating habits too, but I want to see all of my reasons. I don't think I was really conscious of eating because I was tired before. Oh, and on the soda note, today is day 2 with no sodas. I had cut down to only one Diet Dr. Pepper a day, but decided when I ran out of what I had I wouldn't buy anymore. So they are gone as of Friday and I haven't been tempted to get anything out of the soda machine. Yea me!

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