Friday, September 3, 2010

Weigh In -- Week 4

Sheesh, it sure seems like I have been doing this longer than 4 weeks! Anyways, here's the stats for today.....

Weight: 176 (down 2 pounds)
BMI: 35.55 (down from 35.95)

And I did my measurements again.....

Chest -- 43 1/2 (down from 45)
Neck -- 14 3/4 (down from 15.5.....I didn't post it last time but I remember it was the same as my calf)
Upper Arm -- 12.5 (no change) :o(
Forearm -- 9.5 (no change) :o(
Waist -- 39 (down from 40)
Hips -- 46 1/2 (down from 48)
Thigh -- 23 1/4 (24 1/2)
Calf -- 15 1/4 (down from 15 1/2)

So, overall I feel good about where I am. My clothes fit a little better and I just feel better....healthier and about myself. I am excited too because the bodybugg forums are just now starting a month-long contest. There are groups on the forum and I joined the shorties one (apparently shorter people burn calories at a lesser rate than taller people, so this group is kinda nice to get advice from, etc). anyways, all the groups are competing on which group loses the most % of weight and who has the most activity for the week. This will definitely spur me on on those days that I feel like getting a little lazier. Hope all is well with everybody else!!!

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